Tips for Effectively Working from Home

Considering working from home or are you already doing it?

Check out this blog for some effective tips on working from home or if you prefer, just read my summary of its contents, set out below:

  • Define your workspace (set aside a dedicated space for your work)
  • Stay organised (keep an up to date calendar, use “to do” lists & organise your files)
  • Understand your expectations (manage the positives & negatives of home working)
  • Take breaks (take time to breathe & step away from your work at regular intervals)
  • Define your working hours (make and stick to a daily working schedule)
  • Don´t isolate yourself (stay connected with colleagues or the real world)
  • If possible, go into the office (try to get some “face to face” time)

The general tip is to be focussed and organised, and not to let your work life consume your home life. In other words: create a balance between your work and your personal life.


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