Access or Assess

Access or Assess?

These two words can be easily confused when writing quickly. I know when I begin to write hurriedly, as well as my handwriting becoming a scrawl,  I am prone to such errors.

In a way they are helpful errors, as I suddenly stop and need to think a bit, outside of my train of thought, and my handwriting slows and becomes more legible!

Thank goodness for word processors, as writers cramp takes its toll! Of course another option would be to try a fountain pen, rather than a ball point but for me the results are messy.

So, back to Access and Assess, let´s recap on their meaning:

Access: Is the means of approaching or entering something or of obtaining something for examination.

Assess: Is to evaluate, calculate or estimate something.

For example:

“The accountant has been given access to the books, in order to assess the accounts”.

Click on the links for the Oxford Dictionaries definition of Access and Assess.


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